European Style Bio-energetic Health Care
in Belgrade Montana

Jennifer Kaye Nichols, CBP, ACI


I'm Passionate

The body has within itself a system of "checks and balances". When you are out of balance and the body struggles to fix the issues, that's when you experience symptoms.

 My goal is to find the root(s) that are associated with the symptoms you are managing, and to amp-up your personal balancing system again.  


Find the Target within a Matrix

We live in a world full of technological advances. I incorporate state-of-the-art European medical science, cutting-edge French Auricular Therapy, Traditional Chinese medicine, and Ancient Native American ways to build a treatment  protocol. This personal matrix of health care steps will guide your body back into balance.


Teaching Self-Help

 The knowledge that you can gain by practicing self-help is essential. My goal is to teach you skills that you can implement in order to avoid being out of balance. I feel it’s so very important to take control of your own health, take back your well-being, and take it all to heart.  

Any symptoms you are managing is your body’s cry for help.

European Style of Bio-energetic Medicine



Biofeedback has many forms of self-help options. I am using similar methods of European health care practices which incorporate advanced, non-invasive instruments and software, to gain and sustain balance with the mind and body.

A key feature of these techniques is that the practitioner is more involved in the healing process. The smallest form of voltage is used for healing the weakened cells inside the body, with frequencies correcting the imbalances which occur to organs, tissue, bone, muscles, arteries, and all areas of the body and mind.

With new technological advancements in frequencies and methods of introducing them to the body's natural way of communication, science has applied better feedback systems that ensure healthcare choices in leading the mind and body towards balance.

 Frequencies with millivolts are used in Bio-energetic Medicine.  
It is NOT recommended for clients with:
〽️Electrical Implanted Devices
〽️Women that are Pregnant
〽️ Recently under Anesthesia
〽️ Alcohol or Certain Medications 

Clinic Price per Session

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First Time Clients


First Bio-metrics Scans  

and Health Evaluation

Frequency Meditation


Denas Vertebrae

Healing Frequencies


Simple Treatment


Auricular Therapy

Bio-energetic M.Way 

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Fridays are available by appointment for a 20 minute consultation from 10am -1pm

LOCATION: 21000 Frontage Rd Suite #6 Belgrade Mt 59714

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Directions to Office in Belgrade

  1. Exit I90 onto Airway Blvd heading towards the Airport till you reach the stop light on Frontage Rd. 
  2. Turn Left onto Frontage Rd instead of entering the Airport entrance. 
  3. Take your first Left, directly across from the Airport exit at 21000 
  4. Light beige tin-metal building with dark green 3ft trim with 21000 on the side and front of the building  
  5.  Look for my Banner, Parking lot in the back.

OnPoint Health and Wellness

21000 Frontage Rd. Belgrade MT, 59714

(406) 284-1122 call or text this number. Currently, I do not have an answering service.

Open late Monday - Thurs

Open today

12:45 pm – 06:00 pm

By appointment only, best way through the website, or text me.

Video Medicine Way

Non-Linear Bio-energetic Medicine Way scan and how this technological advancement works on the human body.

13 mins

Video Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy and how it is applied to the ear point without needles. Also shows what are ear seeds.


Video BrainTap

"Dr.  Patrick Porter’s BrainTap includes three decades of research," with  over 700 audio-sessions in 43 categories to choose from. 

3 mins

Video Denas Vertebra

Denas Vertebra is a Russian Biofeedback unit has 48 sensors. This video is originally in Russian, therefore is  translated for English. Here we see how it works and why it is an important tool for your health.


Video Water Holds Frequency Memory

This is why I use frequencies in tinctures for my clients. This is a video from Germany that shows detailed research of water and it's importance within our body. I hope you enjoy this education as much I did.


Video Rife Frequency

Rife frequency killing cancer under microscope.



    As a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner and Auricular Therapist, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. My goal is to strengthen the body’s ability to regain homeostasis, which is the balance of both the body and the mind. 

Although everything possible is done to ensure a plausible outcome, each patient responds differently to care. Please note that there is no means of assuredly achieving a desired or specific result in treatment. 

Any claims or testimonials on this site or in person are not to be interpreted as the average patient experience that you should expect.

Your progress in treatment is based on many factors, including your commitment to making lifestyle changes, acquiescence to suggestions, and adherence to the treatment plan.

By embarking on biofeedback alternative health care treatments, you agree that OnPoint Health and Wellness, LLC, is not fully responsible for the success or failure of the treatment outcome. Let's work together to get to the root of the symptoms you are managing. 

 Frequencies and millivolts are used in Bio-energetic Medicine.
It is NOT recommend for clients with:
〽️Electrical Implanted Devices
〽️Women that are Pregnant
〽️ Recently under Anesthesia
〽️ Alcohol or Certain Medications 



Here is what some clients have said:

  •  I have visited OnPoint many times. I have a ligament problem and my large joints (ball and socket) fall out while I am sleeping. Jen has corrected my shoulders many times using Millimeter Wave and Auricular  Therapy with immediate results. I am not kidding. My muscles around my shoulder would calm and my arm will slide right in. I love her services. I don't have to pay for a chiropractor visit and anti-inflammatory medications! She is always there when I need her. Signed AG 
  •  This works, didn't hurt, and explained a lot. Great lady to work with. Signed Mom with Tots 
  • A new experience for me, felt the difference and looking forward to more visits. Signed  Digestive